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Puppy Progress updates

i am so sorry it has taken so long to write to you!
We purchased 'Ava' from you last september...
She is the most Beautiful dog and a joy to have around!!!! Ava attended puppy training classes with great success and she has slotted right in to our family with ease! She is maturing into a stunning girl and our two young children love her to bits!
She is very good around our horses and has gained many fans with all our visitors.
Please keep us posted if you have any more litters!! We were so impressed with your set up and after care services.
i will try to attach a couple of photos of her,

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kindest regards
the Howell family {hertfordshire}




This is a very long overdue email as Cookie will be 4 this August! We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our family dog and 'if' we ever convince the man of the house to get another we'll we coming straight back to you :)

I will send 2 most recent photos I have taken of our beautiful Cookie and hope they make it onto your website.    Thanks again,    The Teversons 



 The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, Warwickshire

On behalf of The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, I would like to thank you sincerely for allowing us to acquire 3 Black Labrador puppies for placing on our puppy walking schemes.  The puppies have been named Sidney, Smokey and Suzie and have now been placed with puppy walkers.

Thanks again, Simon Blythe, Head of Genetics and Reproduction


I thought I'd write to let you know that Jodie is doing just great.  She is a pleasure to have with us and everyone we bump in to loves her to bits.  Thank you very much for all the joy she has bought us - we truly love her and will always look after her.  We adore her so much,  thank you once again

Love from, Anne Hague and family St Hellier, Jersey


So sorry I haven't written sooner - our computer in the house has been out of action!

Troy 鳦nbsp; a very good pup! We've just got back from his first pup training class - he was so obedient and the trainer (Eileen) is very impressed with him! Eileen also feeds him at lunchtimes and has him at her house with her dogs when we are at work so he's becoming quite socialised!
He's also doing well at making friends with the cat now he realises that he doesn't want to play with him or be chased by him all the time!
I hope all is well with you and will be sure to update you on his progress

Best wishes

Amy, David & Troy


   Just wanted to say thanks for such a lovely dog whom we've named bailey,

he's settled in well and getting on great with our other dog sally.  

             We'll keep in touch 

Ceri-ann, Dwayne, Molly, Ryan Sally and Bailey


 Bramble  is an absolute wonderful pup who settled right in no problems with here what so ever, she has an excellent temperament and we would not hesitate recommending you to any one looking for a dog.

Steve & Angie


Hope you are both keeping well. Do you remember us ? We visited you in September and took away an 8 week old black Labrador bitch, we called her Charlie.   We had a rather sleepless first night, but apart from that she has settled in very well from the 2nd day onwards. She is now nearly 9 months old an she is still lovely and has a beautiful temperament. She is well known and loved by everyone in our local park and doesn't have a single bad bone in her body. Last week we had a terrific week in Cornwall, with lots of walking and swimming.  Daily she brings us joy and so much pleasure and is now firmly established as part of the family.Thank you, thank you.

Regards Rob


Just a quick note to let you know how Bradley is getting on. He is growing in to a wonderful dog, he is very mischievous and is always running off with our shoes and cushions. Everyone who meets him says what a beautiful dog he is ,he wants to play with every dog he meets. Thanks once again

From the Scowen family


 This is probably a long overdue e-mail, since we've promised to let you know how is our dog doing just over a year ago. Our black Labrador Bramble has grown into a wonderful and happy dog.  He is very sociable especially when he meets a likeminded playful dog. Tom's niece (6) and nephew (4) are using us as an excuse to come and play with Bramble, and he in turn has destroyed slippers in all households of our family (we live very close to Tom's brother and parents). Bramble's favourite walks have to be on the beach, and as we live on the south coast he gets quite a few of those.   Seeing how much fun we have with Bramble (we both feel that getting Bramble was the best thing we could've done), we are still thinking seriously about getting him a sister next year.  

We love his 'chunkiness' and his size - he is'nt too big - a truly great size for a labrador, he gets a lot of praise for his good looks from strangers. By now we have found our routine on how to live with a dog, and have convinced family (who are essential help in looking after him). And of course Bramble would be over the moon to have a playmate he could boss about and show all tricks. 

The reason of putting things of till next year is because we are doing building work on the house this summer and planning a wedding in the autumn. In these conditions little puppy would be a bit lost, but by next year things should have settled enough for us to come visit your lovely part of the world again. 

We all wish you a good summer,


Adele, Tom, and Bramble


Hello, Audrey and the family here. Just updating you on our lovely puppy Bella  - we'll have had her 3 weeks this week, and she's a lovely addition to the family! She and Bruno have been spending the lovely sunny days in the garden, and they are getting along famously. She had her first walk in the woods opposite on Saturday, and loved it!

Many thanks again, she's fitted in wonderfully, we love her to bits.

Audrey and Family.




Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Telephone: 01291 67 3634


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